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"Pesqua" is the Lingara name for the weapon's system known as the 'Ancient drones' to the Humans of Earth. It is a semi-autonomous smart missile that has multiple functions:

  • Detonation: Explodes at or within an object.
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    Pesqua in flight.

  • Boring: Can drill through almost any substance with ease(high power consumption).
  • Wireless Energy Transfer: The Pesqua can use its own internal charge, or be flown using broadcast power from a nearby Control Chair.
  • Shield Penetration: Will pass through most energy shields.
  • Shield Analysis: On contact with an energy shield, information regarding the nature
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    Pesqua swarm.

    and strength of said shield is relayed back to the Control Chair where modifications of the Pesqua can be made in order to successfully breach the resistant shield.
  • Physical Impact: The Pesqua can also use its mass to move or knock aside targets if directed to by a Control Chair.
  • Target Acquisition: Once given a target, the Pesqua will auto-plot an evasive route to said target without additional input from the Control Chair.