Pegasus Galaxy

Pegasus Galaxy

The Pegasus galaxy is the 23rd and newest colonized galaxy within the Alterra's domain, but the Alterra weren't directly responsible. They relied on the Lanteans to build up and populate the galaxy in their absence. As a result, the Pegasus gate network is slightly different in appearance and function from that seen in the Alterra's original 22 galaxies.

Size: 47.1 billion stars

Earth Name: Small Magellanic Cloud

Noteable locations:

  • Alterran Seed Species (Human, present)
  • Alterran Seed Species (Lanteans, minimally present)
  • Lantea
  • Yavin (home of Lantean army)
  • Hoth (mining outpost, ice)
  • Dune (mining outpost, sand)
  • Ijara (Wraith world)
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