The Nox.

The Nox are a race indigenous to Avalona that predate the Alterrans' arrival in the galaxy. They are a reclusive, pacifistic people that live in floating cities above the dense forestes of their homeworld of Leth.

Though a technologically advanced race, the Nox have not expanded beyond Leth as other races have done. They seem content to live out their lives in peaceful contentment, though the inner workings of Nox society remain cloaked in mystery.


The Nox appear to have the ability to hide and transport objects at will, with no obvious source of technology. They also have the ability to revive the recently dead by combining their mysterious powers in one of their many rituals.

The full extent of Nox technology is unknown, and it was always a point of contention amongst Alterran scientists as to which race possessed the most advanced technology, for the Nox were reluctant to discuss such things with outsiders. On a few occasions of exceptional need by another, the Nox would reveal a measure of their significant technological power. A number of these incidents over the ages have led to a grudging respect on the part of the Alterra, whereas most other races mistakenly view the Nox as simple primitives.