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Once the former slave/warriors of the Goa'uld, the Jaffa are now free of their dominion and have splintered into numerous factions.

Jaffa NationEdit

An attempt at unity was made, led by Teal'c and Bra'tac, the instigators of the Jaffa rebellion. A Jaffa government was established on Dakara in the form of a High Council. After a time the Jaffa took a cue from the Tau'ri and adopted democracy as a means for selecting their leaders...though the process ultimately did not suite their needs.

The Jaffa Nation suffered from many turnovers of leadership and lack of common purpose, but it's deathknell finally came when Bra'tac declared himself the first of the new System Lords and began establishing his powerbase on Dakara, after which point the Jaffa Nation slowly withered into non-existence.

New Jaffa OrganizationEdit

Presently a growing portion of Jaffa have joined Bra'tac's forces, which are counted as a servant race of the Alterra...with all the benefits and responsibilities befitting that title.

The leadership of the Jaffa is exclusively Alterran. Currently Bra'tac is the only System Lord, but as numbers grow more will be added in the following format.

Jaffa Command StructureEdit

  1. Supreme System Lord (Alterra)
  2. System Lord (Alterra)
  3. First Prime (Jaffa, to be eventually transformed into Alterra and elevated to System Lord)
  4. Second Prime- 12 'lieutenants' that carry out the orders of the First Prime
  5. Third Prime- lower level members of command staff
  6. So'nak (Commander)- leadership roll in permanent assignment(unit commander, planetary governor, etc)


Most of the current Jaffa population is unaligned, scattered, undisciplined, and becoming more so with every year. Those more motivated, honorable warriors are finding their way to Dakara, leaving the less savory Jaffa behind to pursue their own trivial agendas. As a result, most noteworthy Jaffa are now under Bra'tac's command, but the vast majority of all Jaffa still find themselves independent and intend to remain that way.

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