Ascended Ori

Ascended Being(seen within Midgar)

Multiple corporeal races within the dimension of Midgar have discovered a means to naturally, or artificially, 'ascend' to a higher plane of existence. This plane is the dimension of Alfleheym, which has a loose connection to Midgar.

Dual DimensionsEdit

Ascended beings can cross the gap between these two dimensions at will, existing in both simultaneously and affecting events in either. They cannot fully leave Alfleheym, however, due to a specific type of energy indigenous to that dimension that they require on a second to second basis. In order to pass through a stargate(which travels through Nifleheym) the ascended beings must 'hold their breath,' so to speak, momentarily taking themselves fully out of their dimension. If they do not return within a matter of seconds they will suffer damage and quickly die, much like a human drowning under water.


Ascended beings have many powers over matter and mind within Midgar, making them appear as gods.

  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Matter Fabrication(temporary)
  • Physical body Fabrication(temporary)
  • Weather Control(lightning)
  • Energy Discharge(obliteration of matter)
  • High Speed Travel
  • Retake Corporeal Form(cease to be ascended)


Ascended beings derive their 'food' from Alfleheym in a variety of ways.

  • Devour- kill and consume other beings within their dimension
  • Absorb- take in the natural 'radiation' of Alfleheym in small amounts on a continual basis.
  • Collect- bits of valuable energy build up on the web-like 'strands' within Alfleheym, and can be collected and consumed in small amounts.
  • Drink- many 'wellsprings' of energy are scattered through the galaxies, ranging from small to large. These concentrated sources of energy provide a small, yet consistent flow. Energy not directly harnessed collects on the 'strands' and can be collected later.
  • Bask- rare sources of extremely potent energy are known as Nexuses, where the ascended beings can literally bathe in energy, soaking up as much as they can hold and emerging many times more powerful than before. Even a small amount of Nexus energy can be extremely advantageous to a single ascended being.


Within Alfleheym, most ascended beings congregate and co-op with other ascended beings or lifeforms native to that dimension. As a result, varying factions have emerged, spread over vast distances. The largest and most powerful faction known is referred to as the Ascended Empire.

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