Alterran armor

Alterra in 'liquid' armor.

This type of Alterran armor is constructed of rigid nanite cells that move in conjunction with the body's movements, essentially reading your neural impulses before they get to source and matching your movements twitch for twitch.


Use of the suit is completely dependent on mental control. There are no buttons, switches, latches, or outward markings when deployed. The armor retracts into varying designs of jewelry, hiding in plain sight until commanded to activate.


The armor comes equipped with 2 wristbound energy weapons.

  • Stun- fires a small, blue orb of energy
  • Kill- fires a small, green orb of energy

Power SourceEdit

Within the nanites cells are tiny neutronium fission reactors that provide primary power for each individual microscopic device, and can share power across multiple units. The armor design can also absorb environmental energy, including light and heat, to slowly add to the energy stored within the suit's capacitors, which are constructed of many nanite cells working together to store energy.

When fully charged, the capacitors hold energy sufficient to several hours of movement, 50 or so weapon discharges, and one full shield charge. When energy is depleted, recharge of the capacitors begins immediately.

Other FunctionsEdit

  • Cloaking device(operates off shield energy)
  • Adaptive surface camouflage(alters basic color of armor if mentally triggered)
  • Long range communications
  • Sensor package
  • Life support systems